Obesity has become a problem in the United States-especially in children. A good way to minimize this problem is to set 30 minutes a day to be physically active with your children and minimize their food portions. Be creative with their food! Add fruit on pancakes, hide spinach in enchiladas, or add water to their …

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If you are looking to tone your muscles, or increase the size of your muscles (hypertrophy), be sure to include protein in your diet. Protein products are found in foods such as milk, cheese, nuts, meat, and tuna. Remember to avoid hydrogenated fat products, and avoid foods containing large amounts of refined sugar.

Calcuim and Vitamin D Go Hand in Hand

Calcium is a mineral that is recommended to maintain strong bones.  Having a sufficient amount of calcium can help prevent osteoporosis or osteopenia. In order for your bones to absorb the calcium, it is necessary to obtain 20 minutes of sun to accumulate sufficient vitamin D.

Calcium Facts

Calcium helps keep our bones nice and strong for support of our skeletal systems. Calcium ions are an important element in our body that helps us contract and relax every muscle in our body. In order for us use our muscles and bones properly, have strong support, and muscle contractions, add calcium to your diet.

Creatine Supplements

Wondering about using Creatine supplements? Well, if you’re a weight lifter and want to gain muscle mass and increase your max strength; it may be a great supplement for you! However, if you enjoy aerobic exercise, it does very little to improve your fitness—making it not worth the retained water and potential gastric distress.


If you want more fiber in your diet, you need more plant foods. Fruits and veggies are loaded with fiber and studies show that you can increase your risk for heart disease with a low-fiber diet. The older we get, the less calories we need, and therefore less fiber. Generally if you are under 50, …

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