Childhood Obesity – what can we do to prevent it?

Childhood Obesity – what can we do to prevent it?

\"childhood20-25 years ago, were we having any discussion about childhood obesity?  Our \”too-busy\” lifestyles today have led so many of us to look for ways to conveniently do everything, including meals.  Video games, tv, smart phones all provide wonderful distractions for children who used to go outside to play so getting daily exercise wasn\’t a problem.

Here\’s an interesting article on how adolescent bariatric surgery can help \” reverse previously undiagnosed cardiovascular abnormalities\” thought to be linked to severe obesity.  The question we ask today, is what can we do, what are we doing to help children to avoid obesity thus hopefully never needing such a surgery.   What are your thoughts on this subject?  Is this a subject that touches your life directly in any way?  What do you do to keep the children in your life eating a healthy diet and exercising?

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