Health Education Sessions-In person or Virtual

We offer programs all year round to help employees regardless of their location in the country. The convenience of an ongoing onsite fitness class, seminar or workshop offers increased moral, greater participation and improved biometrics leading to insurance premium reductions. Participants will commit to an onsite wellness seminar because it is convenient, affordable and offers motivation and accountability. Here is a short list of classes that we offer at your work location or virtually; schedule a consultation.

Spring Planting and Seed Starting

Make your yard pop this spring with colorful,fresh produce. Map out a simple garden plan and learn what seeds to buy, when to start planting and which produce to plant during early and late spring. Learn more about plant health in the early stages of life including root health and viability, water and nutrient needs, and create a clear picture of a plant’s growth cycle until harvest.

Living Paycheck to Purpose

We want your employees to think big about their financial life goals and to see their paycheck as the fuel for financial success. This program is designed to take 8 – 15 employees through the financial coaching process by creating their personal vision of financial success and participate in discussion and activities pertaining to goal setting, budgeting, savings, debt reduction, investing and building wealth.  This can be offered live or online and broken up into four 1-hour sessions (can adjust if needed).  Participants receive a workbook and email follow up and support during the series.

When Wine Doesn’t Work; Real Coping Strategies

We can feel rushed with constant deadlines, many personal and professional commitments along with family demands. You don’t know what life is like without having stress or chaos every day. When you constantly function in this “flight or fight” emergency mode, your mind and body will pay the price. For many people, having a couple glasses of wine or a drink after work may seem like a great way of de-stressing; unfortunately, you’re just numbing the real issue of stress in your life. Learn how you can protect yourself by recognizing the signs and symptoms of stress and taking healthy steps to reduce its harmful effects. Join us as we take you through the steps on how to cope with stress and know when you have reached your limit as well as tips on what to do to keep stress more manageable.

Activating An Anti-Inflammatory Lifestyle

Inflammation is the body’s defense reaction to help protect you against illness, infection or injury. Often, people take medications to decrease inflammation but research has shown that lifestyle choices can decrease inflammation and focusing on lifestyle choices and changes can influence how much inflammation we have in our bodies.

Ergonomics for the Remote Worker

The nature of the pandemic has caused many of us to suddenly work from home. Most of us are using a laptop at a kitchen table or other surface with no ergonomic design. Simple changes can be made to change the quality of your day and make a difference in your productivity and well-being. Learn proper workstation configurations for your own home environment to keep your body revitalized and energized.

Mind & Mood Workshop – Understand How Nutrition Impacts How You Feel & How You Think

We’ll connect the dots to show you the role nutrition makes on your mental state and what you can do to improve your brain health.

Fiscally Fit Holidays

Align your values, mindset and behaviors for a fulfilling, enjoyable and guilt free holiday season. No weight gain and no debt!

Mindfulness at Work

Mindfulness meditation is a proven productivity tool of modern organizations. At the end of 2016, 21% of organizations had a mindfulness program. By the end of 2017 that number will double to 42%. Small business owners to large corporations benefit from meditation, as it helps you become calm, focused and clear. This allows you to make better decisions. When you are focused, you get more done in less time and being clear-headed creates space in the mind for new ideas, creativity, and problem-solving.

Optimize Your Health – Avoiding Chronic Disease and Managing Health Issues Naturally

Find out why Americans experience so much chronic disease and what these diseases have in common. Understand the role your genes play and why your genes are not your destiny. Learn some changes you can make to optimize your health.

Food, Rent, Gas, Oh My! Tackle Rising Costs with Confidence
Worrying about money can wreak havoc on your health and well being. This workshop provides an opportunity to talk through fears and concerns, discuss ways to maximize income, apply tactical tools as a lens to view your money plan, and remind you that the principles of sound money management apply through lean AND abundant times. Come away feeling more prepared to weather the storm and feel a sense of ease.
corporate wellness seminar

Improve Relationships & Foster Teamwork
In this workshop, participants learn how they can use meditation to regulate their emotions and work better in teams. Both the psychology of teamwork and an emotional intelligence meditation technique are taught.

Work-Life Balance and Workplace Flexibility – The Power of Teams
Learn how to enhance your work/life balance by collaborating with your manager and your work team. Teams are at the heart of effective work/life fit. When your team sets individual and collective goals for work/life balance and aligns around meeting those goals together, you will unleash possibilities you never knew existed.

My Desk is My Gym
One of the worst things you can do for your back and your posture is sit at a desk all day hunched over a computer. But unfortunately, that’s just the reality of some of our jobs. So instead of being satisfied with slouched shoulders, and an achy back, learn quick and easy exercises and stretches you can do at your desk to counteract these stresses and feel better about your overall health.

More lunch and learn topics available on request. Please contact us for more details.