Dementia declining in people over 75….

Dementia declining in people over 75….

\"heartshapedfruitsnveg\"If you have an elderly loved one or friend, no doubt you\’ve noticed in these later years that they may become forgetful.  While this is usually perceived as pretty normal, sometimes as we age, we develop worse conditions such as dementia or worse.

Here’s some news to make you say, “wow”!  A decrease in cardiovascular disease is apparently the reason that dementia is declining among older people, those 75 and above according to a new Swedish study.

We\’re thinking that this would definitely support the case that getting exercise daily even in these later years would be beneficial in helping to minimize cardiovascular disease as well.

You can read more by clicking here.

Today’s question:  Do you know any seniors that struggle with dementia?  If they do, do they have cardiovascular problems as well?

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