Hate Exercise? Try These Activities Instead

Hate Exercise? Try These Activities Instead

There is no denying that incorporating exercise into your daily life is important. You could even say our lives depend on it. But if going to the gym or running for any distance makes you cringe just thinking about it, what then?

Exercise, by definition, is physical activity and movement, especially when intended to keep a person fit and healthy. In theory, anything that makes you move can be considered exercise. The key is to learn what activities you can include in your days that fit this definition and are enjoyable enough to keep doing it.

Here are some options you may not have thought of:

  • Zumba Classes. Join the Latin Dance craze and dance yourself to shape! These classes disguise fitness with dance moves set to upbeat music that get your heart pumping and your body moving. Zumba not your thing? Look for other dance class options that better suit your style
  • Swimming/water workouts. Check out the offerings at your local pool for organized classes such as water aerobics, or look for a lap pool where you can swim laps or even run in the water. Both offer low-impact workout options that are easier on your joints and might not feel like what you envision a workout to feel like. If you enjoy swimming, look for a Masters program, swim teams for adults, that are offered at most pools.
  • Jump on a trampoline. This is another great, high intensity but low-impact exercise that is sure to get your heart pumping. A mini-trampoline with a safety bar will work wonders for your cardio health and is compact enough for any room. No flips necessary, just jumping will do the trick.
  • Hula hooping. Yes, the classic childhood toy is a great way to get moving! Bring it indoors and hula hoop during commercials while watching your favorite television show. Or look for a hula hooping class in your community. This childhood favorite is making a comeback in the fitness industry!
  • Join an adult sports league. You don’t have to be a former high school athlete to participate in the many sports leagues out there: kickball, softball, basketball, volleyball, and golf leagues are just some of the options. Can’t find one in your neighborhood? Find some like-minded neighbors and get one started!

Whatever you choose, any activity that gets you moving is well worth the time. To avoid burnout for any activity, mix it up. Once you get in the mindset of moving, your body will thank you.

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