Hit Your Stride: Transforming Your Relationship with Running

Hit Your Stride: Transforming Your Relationship with Running

When it comes to running, if your mind is saying yes, but your body says no, it\’s time to transform your relationship. Instead of focusing on how difficult running can be at times, find aspects that attract you to it. Here are some suggestions to help you find your stride to transform your relationship from hate to love.

Find a Buddy

It\’s always easier to start a new workout regime with a buddy who has similar goals. Not only will you keep each other accountable to the running schedule, it\’ll be fun to chat with someone at the end.

If no family or friends want to join you, don\’t fret. Your dog can be an excellent running buddy. Dogs never complain and can keep up with your pace. They\’re also extremely happy while running, and their excitement might rub off on you.

Discover a New Path

Perhaps you hate running because of how boring your route is. The same houses, the same trees, the same neighbors. Consider switching up your route to keep things exciting and new.

If you\’re looking for a completely different path, consider running through your local hiking trails or along the beach.

Find the Right Gear

Having gear that you feel and look good in while keeping you comfortable is crucial to your enjoyment of running.

Your shoes are the most essential gear to the sport. Consider visiting a running store where a trained sales associate will help you find the perfect fit.

If that\’s not enough, invest in a few running ensembles that are your favorite colors or styles to keep you confident and looking good. A great pair of sunglasses that adjust to your activity of choice while protecting your eyes is also important. You\’ll be surprised by how often your new snazzy outfit and sunglasses will get you running.

Reach for a Goal

Set a reward for the end of your run to keep you motivated throughout. Maybe you\’ll look forward to a glass of wine with dinner or going out to a movie. Whatever motivates you, visualize it during your run, then treat yourself after you\’ve accomplished your goal.

Run to Your Favorite Jams

Keep your music updated and fresh to stay motivated during your run. Try to organize your music with slower-paced songs in the beginning leading up to your favorite songs that will keep you running when you hit your wall.

If you\’re not into music, find an audio book or podcast that keeps you engaged, allowing you to lose yourself and forget that you\’re actually on a run.

Utilize Social Media and Blogs

Follow running-oriented companies, groups or people on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and blogs. They\’ll provide inspiration while keeping you up to date on the newest running news, races, workout schedules and even trendy outfits and shoes.

Sign Up for a Race Event

If you really want to kickstart your running regime, sign up for an event, like a 5k or a full marathon, depending on how ambitious you are. Next, find a progressive training schedule that works up to your goals rather than pushing your body from the start.

For beginners, start with one to two weeks of run/walk combination workouts leading up to short runs ranging between one and three miles. Each week, increase your mileage by no more than 10 percent to decrease your chance of injuries and to avoid developing a hatred for running. Don\’t forget to rest at least once a week or as needed.

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