Reduce Stress Levels with Exercise

Reduce Stress Levels with Exercise

Here is yet another great reason to start working out! If you have been feeling stressed due to work or personal reasons, then an hour at the gym is just what the doctor ordered.

Research shows that people who hit the gym frequently show far lower levels of stress than those who do not work out at all. So now going to the gym and breaking a sweat will not only make you healthier and help you get a fit body, it will also help you become happier and more relaxed.

The report regarding the amazing effects that working out has on stress were published by the reputed Harvard Medical School and are a reason for you to celebrate. If you are tired of stress eating (which can compromise the time you spend on your physical fitness), then exercising regularly will help you kill two birds with one stone. Not only will you be able to burn off all the excess calories gained from the stress eating, you will also rid yourself of stress, helping you banish the bad eating habits.

The Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA), which is an organization that helps anxiety and depression patients cope with their problems and find help and support, also reports that a number of its members and website visitors use exercise as a means to cope with their problems.

Get happier by working out

As it turns out, looking good can actually make you happier. Working out and having a toned body not only makes you appear more attractive to other people, your own confidence level also increases and you are more satisfied with your life in general.

When you work out, your body pumps out more endorphins. Fitness junkies love to call endorphins the happiness chemical, as it elevates mood and makes people happier and calmer in general. Even the simplest exercises can help release this chemical, and help you feel better right away.

If you do not have the time or money to join a gym, even going for a brisk jog will get you the same results. But for the best results, it is always a good idea to seek out an expert who can help you make the most of your effort. Just hitting the gym and keeping proper form while you exercise will help you get in great shape in a very short time.

Exercising is also meditation

Believe it or not, your focus will improve remarkably once you start working out. While simple meditation helps you focus your mind through practicing being calm, when you exercise your body learns to pay attention to that task alone, building your concentration and focus tremendously, just like meditation. When you condition your body to work harder, it creates a discipline which carries over into other aspects of your life.

Take just a few minutes out of your schedule every day to incorporate a short amount of exercise if you are just getting started.  Although it may be difficult to find the initial motivation, you will feel better once you start and even better when you finish!  Over time it will become a habit and your stress levels will decrease as you use fitness as a remedy.

Thanks for reading!  Have a great week!

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