Challenge your staff to new heights!  Let us help you and your staff with physical activity, nutrition, stress management and other relevant challenges to improve engagement, health and productivity at work and home. Participate in live streaming classes including fitness, health seminars, cooking demonstrations and more.  Schedule a one-on-one demo to learn more about how it works and the activities included.  Click here to learn more.

Many Activities to Choose From

Some activities include puzzles and games, gardening, cooking, yoga, chatting with friends and more. Employees choose the activities they prefer.

Automatic Data Tracking and Rankings

Leave the work to us while we track the participation levels, points and reporting.

Daily Activities for Your Staff

Employees login each day and participate in a new mental, physical or social activity with their peers.

  • Participate in live streaming classes all year with credentialed instructors
  • Choose one of our challenges, or allow us to customize for you
  • Over 50 different challenges ready to go
  • Team challenges, individual challenges, fun classes, games, parties and more
  • Customize the titles, graphics, trackers, goals, scoring, and more
  • Download the app to participate on the go



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