30 day challenges a great way to jump start yourself!

30 day challenges a great way to jump start yourself!

Sometimes we need a way to kick start ourselves down a different path.  30 day
\"i challenges are a great way to do this.  It\’s only 30 days and who knows what discoveries you\’ll make in just four weeks!!
A new month is almost here…a great time to begin a 30-day challenge! Here\’s a challenge that encourages you to move your body a mile a day. Yeah that seems intense, but if you really can\’t do a mile on day one you can work up to that, and quickly! Give it a try, let us know how it\’s going!!
Check in with us Sunday, September 1st over at our Facebook page for our very own 30 day challenge (more a series of mini-challenges; we\’ll post something new for you to try every day in Sept.)!  We\’ll give you something to try every day and we\’ll be there to cheer you on and brag about your accomplishments!!  You can find us at www.facebook.com/milehighfitness.  Be sure to head over and \”like\” our page so you can get each day\’s challenge!

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