Nutrition Support

Finally get the support you need for meal plannning, shopping, cooking, & more.

Exercise Support

Our solutions are taylored and customized to our unique needs.  No gym nor equipment is required.

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Get a great workout in the comfort of your own home. Yoga, Dance, Kickboxing, & Interval Training.

We are 100% mobile & online!

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Denver Personal Training

Watch this short video to learn more about Mile High Fitness and Wellness and our commitment to getting results for our clients with our fitness and nutrition services. In home personal training, fitness classes at work, schools and senior facilities are just some of the ways we serve our clients.

  • Work Around Your Schedule
  • You Pick The Location
  • Reach Your Fitness Goals

As Denver’s #1 Mobile Fitness Company, we will come to your home, office or any location that is convenient to you.  Our fitness trainers, and instructors are all certified and able to help you meet your goals with or without equipment.  A small space is all that is needed to give you a great workout at a time and place that is convenient with your schedule.

Tired of not getting the results you are looking for?  In home personal training could be your ultimate solution.  Our certified personal trainers work with healthy and specialized populations to create individualized exercise programs and exercise classes for corporate locations.  Don’t have a gym membership?  No problem.  No equipment?  No worries!  We will work with you in the convenience of your own home or place of work and bring portable equipment if needed.  We work to develop solutions for you that will allow you to maintain your commitment to a healthier lifestyle.

Training Programs

One-on-One Sessions – We can meet you at your home, office or at your gym–or use my equipment.

Program Creation We can meet with you to help you create a customized program that will work for you.

Buddy Session Partner up with your friend or relative but still get a customized program and ongoing support.

Group Session As part of a small group, you can have fun and meet friends while still achieving your specific goals. You will also receive discounted rates.

Online Training Get 24/7 access to your trainer by email. Includes the option of weekly telephone consultations.

Phone Coaching From the convenience of your own home, get the guidance, accountability and results that you need.

All personal training includes exercise programming, nutritional guidance, accountability and support, unlimited access to personal trainer.

Private Single Session Price Range $50-$70

Semi Private Single Session Price Range $40-$60

Who We Serve

Our certified and experienced coaches can help you regardless of your fitness level or condition. At a time and place convenient for you.