6 Genius Ways to Motivate Your Morning Workout

6 Genius Ways to Motivate Your Morning Workout

Working out in the morning: it can be a struggle. We know it’s good for us, but in the heat of summer, isn’t it better for our health to lie in bed, basking in the AC, for just a few more minutes? Yeah, our workout motivation can be sorely lacking when it’s ten thousand degrees outside at 6am—but luckily there are ways to trick yourself into exercising first thing in the morning. Here are our very best tips for stepping up your morning motivation.

1. Still Hit the Snooze Button.
Something about the feeling of being in control and allowing myself the option to lay in bed (even for only five extra minutes) does wonders for our lazy, heat-addled brains. For days you’re working out in the morning, trick yourself into getting up early. For a 7 a.m. run or yoga class, set your alarm for 6:40. That way, you can snooze once and be up at 6:50—just enough time to be out the door.

2. Lay Out Your Clothes Ahead of Time.
Maximize your time spent hiding under your covers as long as possible by laying out your clothes, sneakers, keys, headphones—anything you’ll need that morning to work out—laid out on a chair next to your bed. That way, you can just grab them and go. For more stubborn types, sleep in your workout clothes a few times to get yourself acquainted with the idea. Just think how guilty you’ll feel taking off your clean sports bra and gym shorts if you skip your workout.

3. Drink Up!
A study published in the British Journal of Nutrition found that working out on an empty stomach actually burns 20% more fat. However, don’t skip the water. Drinking just one glass energizes and refreshes the body. Leave a glass of water by your bed so that you can grab it right when your alarm goes off.

4. Keep it Short.
A workout as short as 15 minutes is enough to boost your energy and metabolism for the rest of the day. Commit to a short workout to get yourself out of bed and moving. Who knows—maybe you’ll be so motivated by 15 minutes of pilates that you’ll want to do 45!

5. Keep it Local.
If your gym is too far to make a morning workout practical, keep it local with a run around the neighborhood—because really, who wants two commutes? Or even simpler: stream a yoga video or 20-minute abs workout on your laptop, and you can feel the burn in the comfort (and air conditioned coolness) of your living room.

6. Treat Yourself!
If you commit to a routine that takes up more time than you realistically have, you’re less likely you’ll actually stick with it. Instead, plan for morning workouts two to three times a week. Then treat yourself on days off with a few extra snoozes and a second cup of coffee. Voila!

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