Achieve Maximum Fitness Anywhere!

Achieve Maximum Fitness Anywhere!

With over 30,000 health clubs with 45.5 million members, you are probably one of the many millions that have a gym membership.  Unfortunately, the average American visits their gym a mere 89 times per year! Since a lack of time is cited as the number one reason (or excuse!) for people not exercising, it is noteworthy to consider alternative methods of checking the daily exercise goal off of your list.  Read these tips for exercising even when you can\’t make it to the gym:

1.  Before there were fitness centers offering ever-expanding class schedules, luxurious pools and spas, and a relaxing deep massage after a grueling tennis match, there were fields to work, farms to harvest and water to pump.  In short, many of us have come to expect the best amenities that clubs have to offer when it is not  necessary; all you really need is daily exercise in whatever environment that is available and (most importantly) convenient for you.  If your schedule has changed unexpectedly and you can\’t make it to the gym today, move the couch and the chair out of the way and get moving!  Here are a few ideas:  Jumping jacks (hi or lo impact), high knee raises, jogging in place, jump roping, squats, lunges, stair climbing, dancing, push ups and sit ups.

2.  Of course if there is a trail near your home, you could easily grab your IPOD and head out.  But if the trail is far enough for you to drive, that could be a deterrent.  The sidewalk that is right in front of your house is for more than just walking!  You can do sprint intervals, walking squats and lunges, fast step ups, shuffles, and football drills just to name a few.  This is easy and convenient since you don\’t have to drive anywhere, which is helpful if you are short on time.

3.  Incorporate lifestyle modifications into your day when you know you won\’t be able to make it to your favorite class that night. Do the common things like parking farther away from the door, taking the stairs, or riding your bike to work (if it is feasible) are all things that are easily done.  Planning on going out for lunch?  Stay in the office and run (or walk) the stairs a few times instead.  Use the copy machine that is on the other side of the office everytime you need to make copies or send a fax.  Be creative and think of ways to burn more calories throughout the day if you can\’t do it all at once later.

Your gym loves it when you use their facilities and come back for more; unfortunately many of us don\’t use it as much as we should due to a (perceived) lack of time, energy or just plain old motivation.  Of course you should use your membership as much as possible since you are paying for it anyway, but when there are times that you just can\’t make it to the gym, no worries!  There are many options available in your own house (your living room), in your own front yard (your sidewalk), around the corner (trails) or throughout your day when you incorporate positive lifestyle behaviors.  Stay motivated, be accountable to yourself (or someone else) and remain flexible to your workout possibilities since the possibilities are….well, endless!


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