Get your dance on!

COVER_Cardio DanceLooking for an awesome at-home workout?  Try our Fitness Results Series Cardio Dance DVD!!  This video will have you shaking your hips and shoulders and make you forget you are exercising!  Upbeat Latin music with reggaeton, salsa, merengue and other dance types. Approx. 45 min., for all levels.  Visit our website to order yours today!

Interval blast training – give it a try

Interval training can be a great workout; an excellent way to move you toward your fitness goals. Check out our Fitness Results series DVDs, this week our focus is Interval Blast! Gain strength and get cardio with this interval blast workout. Challenging cardio segments, with easy to follow basic moves. Only 2 resistance bands or…


Kids and fitness – how do you get them to “buy in”?

Setting kids up for a lifetime of success with regard to good eating and fitness can be challenging.  With the plethora of distractions from video games to television to computers to smart phones, the concept of “going outside to play” has seem to gotten lost in the electronics.  So that begs the question, how do…


Working out at home? Try our kickboxing DVD

Looking for a great at-home workout??  You can’t miss with our Fitness Results Series!  This week our highlight is our awesome kickboxing DVD.  Increase your endurance with easy to follow kickboxing choreography and high energy moves. This workout is approximately 45 min. and for all levels.  Check out our website to order yours today!  Don’t…


Children & sugar – ten tips for cutting back

Sugar, it’s “oh-so-good” and tempting and these days it seems to be in everything we eat!  We know that too much sugar, especially processed sugar isn’t good for anyone.   With the increase of processed foods and convenience foods and our ever-busy lifestyles, it’s really easy to get too much sugar in a day.  Teaching…


Fitness Results DVD series….start your new year right!

Need help to get moving?  Take a look at our Fitness Results Series DVDs.  You can work out at home with any of our four awesome workouts.  Today, we’re highlighting kickboxing. Increase your endurance with easy to follow kickboxing choreography and high energy moves. Approx. 45 min. For all levels.  Order yours today and invite…