Are you drinking enough water?

Do you get enough water in your day? Here are some tips from the CDC on why and how to make sure you have plenty of water to drink every day. Don’t forget alcohol can cause you to dehydrate quickly and since it “’tis the season”, you want to be certain to drink extra water.

Tried kickboxing? It’s a great workout!

If your like many people you’ve been shopping and have more to do!  Don’t forget our Fitness Results Series DVDs, they make great gifts!  Today’s highlight: kickboxing.  Increase your endurance with easy to follow kickboxing choreography and high energy moves. (Approx. 45 min) For all levels.  Check out our Fitness Results Series DVDs for a…


High protein diets – do they work?

Today’s nutrition tip: Do high protein diets work? Research says yes, but are they safe? Click here to read more about the pros and cons of a high protein diet and advice on how to proceed.

Do you eat (or have you ever tried) a high protein diet? What did/do you think?

A GREAT fitness gift

Need a great gift idea? Check out our Fitness Results Series DVDs. These are a great buy and definitely a gift that will keep on giving. There are four in the series; you can buy them individually or as a set. Here’s a bit about the Cardio Dance DVD: “This video will have you shaking…


Try a little yoga

Today’s fitness tip: Looking to mix up or add to your workout…how about yoga?  Here’s a link to some yoga moves for you to try.  Let us know what you think!

Do something nice for yourself this weekend

Do something nice for yourself this weekend!  It’s free and easy to do – sign up for our fitness and nutrition motivators webinar.  Click here to sign up today!  Don’t forget, everyone attending will be entered to win a free fitness DVD.  Yes, invite a friend to join us!  See you Sunday!

GO, SLOW and WHOA foods

Check out this link for a fantastic chart that serves as a great reminder in guiding healthy eating choices.  This is a fantastic resource for anyone, but especially great for kids.  You can download and print the GO-SLOW-WHOA food chart here.