Learning Biomechanics

Getting hurt at the gym is fairly common in the fitness industry. Lifting heavy weights from the floor can put a strain in your back they are not lifted properly. This problem can be minimized by learning the biomechanics of your body.

Medicine Ball Workout

Working with a weighted medicine ball can be an effective and creative way to get a strength training workout. Many versatile moves are possible including pushups, situps, squats and lunges. Change things up with a medicine ball workout by working the core with seated twists, partner twists, and ball planks. As alwa…ys, ask for assistance…


What is Tai Chi?

The tai chi model is based on the premise that there is a bio energy system in the body. The bio energy or Qi gets carried round the body in energy channels called meridians -similar to the way the veins carry blood around the body. A relaxing and affordable exercise method, tai chi could be…


Tai Chi and Musculoskeletal Disorders

According to a pilot study published in BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders, tai chi may improve lower-body muscular function and provide health benefits to people with rheumatoid arthritis. From the Traditional Chinese Medicine point of view tai chi and Qi Gong are used to promote personal energy for self healing and wellbeing.

Weight Loss Quest

Stay encourged on your quest for weight loss. Reward yourself for your small successes and realize that it took months or years to reach your current weight and it could take just as long to get rid of the excess pounds. Treat yourself to a manicure or pedicure, or a ticket to a sporting event…


Creatine Supplements

Wondering about using Creatine supplements? Well, if you’re a weight lifter and want to gain muscle mass and increase your max strength; it may be a great supplement for you! However, if you enjoy aerobic exercise, it does very little to improve your fitness—making it not worth the retained water and potential gastric distress.


Did you know it takes 3500 calories burned to lose 1lb? To lose a pound per week, one just needs to be “negative” 500 calories per day. Being “negative” 500 calories per day means that you burn 500 more calories than you consume. It’s easy! When paired with a work out, this could mean just…



If you want more fiber in your diet, you need more plant foods. Fruits and veggies are loaded with fiber and studies show that you can increase your risk for heart disease with a low-fiber diet. The older we get, the less calories we need, and therefore less fiber. Generally if you are under 50,…


Think about Lunch

Since lunch is an entire 1/3 of the entire day’s food intake for most people, it deserves your time and attention. Challenge yourself to include protein (like lean meat or fish), color (like veggies and fruit), and dairy (like yogurt or low fat cheese) in every lunch to help maintain a balanced diet.

Don’t Skip Carbs

Don’t skip the carbs! Although it is tempting to do so since many foods that are considered carbohydrates are higher in calories than other foods, carbs are the primary source of energy in your body. Because most carbs are higher in fiber content, you are likely to feel full longer if you include t…hem in…


Stop Overeating

Stop Overeating! Chew slowly and enjoy every bite. Never eat standing up and make every sweet, chocolate, creamy bite count. Share your food with someone if it looks like it is over sized. Fill up on water and/or eat a piece of fruit before eating your meal, especially if you are trying to lose weight.

No More Sugar

Instead of using sugar or sugar substitute in your coffee or tea, use honey. It is a natural substance and does not contain any harmful chemicals and is entirely utilized by the digestive tract. Not more than one two-hundredth part is wasted unlike white sugar.