E2 Power Up at Home Program

E2 Power Up at Home Program




Kim has owned Mile High Fitness, LLC for 7 years.
She has successfully grown the company and currently
manages personal trainers and group exercise instructors
and their classes and clients.
Kim’s wellness experience ranges from managing
fitness classes and
services for corporate locations, providing
exercise programming
for healthy and unhealthy populations and teaching
group exercise classes.

Kim Farmer, 
President Mile High Fitness

Jessica Bonosoro with The Balance Tree Health Coaching is a
Certified Holistic Health Coach. She is a mother,
a girlfriend, a friend, a coach, and a woman –
doing her best to live a healthy, happy life.
As a health coach, Jessica supports her clients to
find their own balance of healthy food and lifestyle choices.

Jessica Bonosoro,
Owner, The Balance Tree

Combine the power of exercise with eating real, whole food

to increase your energy and lose weight.

Most of us know that moving our bodies more and eating differently will allow any excess weight we may carry to fall away as well as give us greater energy and improve our overall health.

So why is it we struggle with making these changes in our lives?

Sometimes we’re scared we can’t do it, so we don’t even start.

Sometimes we know we can, but we\’re just not ready to embrace the change for ourselves.

And sometimes we’re ready but we simply don’t know how to start.

That’s where e2 can help!

If you are committed to bringing greater health and energy to your life, we’re ready to show you how!

What ewill do for you:

  • Increase your energy
  • Help you to shed excess weight
  • Allow you to enjoy real food without starving yourself

What you get with e2:

  • Our 10-day Eating Clean program ($37 value) including:
    Ø Recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner plus snacks and desserts
    Ø Shopping lists to get you organized
    Ø Meal planning and prep tips to make it all easy to get done
  • Your choice of (1) exercise videos to get you moving at home on your own schedule with confidence ($15 value)
  • One 50-minute coaching session with Kim Farmer, Certified Personal Trainer and Clinical Exercise Specialist to help you get on track with the right exercise plan that works for you and your lifestyle ($75 value)
  • One 50-minute coaching session with Jessica Bonosoro, Certified Holistic Health Coach, to help you discover what your vision is for your health and uncover what might be stopping you or slowing you down from getting that, so you know what to do next to move forward. ($75 value)
  • Daily emails for 10 days to motivate, inform and support you in Powering Up your Energy!
  • Access to group support on a private Facebook page

What people are saying

“Kim Farmer is the best trainer!  She will keep you motivated to stick with your exercise plan”

“Kim is a great friend and trainer.  What I love about Kim\’s style is that she isn\’t forceful nor is she judgmental.  Kim knew me when I was my optimal size and she helped me when I was at my heaviest!”

“Kim is professional, organized and her follow up with you as a client, keeps you motivated.  No matter what your excuse, Kim makes it easy to work out.  She will come to you, organize a small group of friends or you can meet her at convenient place.”

“I have to say that Jessica’s Eating Clean program is an excellent way to nourish your body. It is both informative and comprehensive and it is really a joy to prepare and cook all of her delicious recipes. I truly look forward to each and every day and a clean way of eating and celebrating being in the body.  Thank you Jessica for this wonderful program to optimum health!”

“I really loved the (Eating Clean) program, and have been able to incorporate quite a few of the recipes into my regular routine. I\’ve also been pretty much staying away from refined grains and sugars and haven\’t even missed them. If you ever decide to do another program, count me in!”

How do I get started?

Register here. After your payment is processed, you\’ll receive an email from Kim and Jessica to get you started!

Price: $147


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