Exercise Helps Relieve Menopause Symptoms

Exercise Helps Relieve Menopause Symptoms

\"menopause\"It happens to us all eventually although some much sooner than others – Menopause. There are several important things to consider at the onset and the first is to visit your doctor, so that he or she can advise you on what sort of treatments are available, as there really is no need to endure the likes of night sweats, hot flashes, sleep disturbances and emotional ups and downs. Many women experience only mild symptoms; others have more difficulty. In the years following menopause, risk for various health problems such as heart disease and osteoporosis increases, and of course the problem that most women hate is the probable (but controllable!) weight gain.   Exercise has been proven to be vital–not only to take your mind off of the symptoms, but also to control your weight and give you a better feeling of well-being. A good fitness trainer will ensure that you continue to feel healthy and stay on top of any side-effects of menopause, including the matronly-type weight gain that is associated with this time of life.

Why Exercise is So Important

While regular exercise is important for all women, it is especially important for those approaching or going through menopause. Regardless of whether you have or have not always been physically active, the benefits of a fitness regime during menopause are enormous. Not only will it help to prevent weight gain, it will also sustain and improve muscle mass and it will assist in avoiding the loss of a defined waistline and the dreaded middle-age spread. According to Promedica.com, exercise combined with a regular intake of vitamin D can slow bone loss during and after menopause, which will reduce the risk of osteoporosis and fractures. Of course exercise is also proven to prevent many health problems including diabetes, heart disease, hypertension and certain types of cancer.

Menopause and Its Effect on Our Bodies

Menopause is an important transition in a woman\’s life and it is a time when she must take extra care of herself.  Menopausal weight gain can lead to major health issues such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Regular exercise will not only reduce the risk, it will also increase your feeling of well-being and improve psychological health, although of course this applies at any age. Menopause in most cases seems to creep up on us, but generally speaking the average age is 48 to 55. The symptoms are many and can vary from woman to woman and it can also have a profound effect on mental well-being and cause severe depression, but there is a lot of help available to learn how to cope with menopause, so it is crucial to seek early guidance to avoid worsening symptoms.   Menopause affects women in different ways and there are no hard and fast rules. However, one thing is certain: Millions of women around the world are going through it and will eventually be grateful that they no longer have to plan around those pesky monthly cycles.  There is a bright side!

The Right Type of Exercise

Many people have a hard time finding space in their schedules for exercise, but even 20 minutes a day is better than nothing!  Aerobic exercise like brisk walking, dance, kickboxing or even running is great because it is energetic and exercises every part of the body, while yoga and Tai Chi are great for increasing your flexibility and relieving stress.   Of course you should include any physical activity which will increase your heart rate and exercise large muscle groups to fully take advantage of the cardiovascular benefits. Regular strength training will help to increase lean body weight and boost your metabolism.  Build up slowly and set goals which you can increase as you become more fit.  Remember that you should always check with your doctor before beginning any exercise program.

Exercise in addition to a healthy diet can both help you ease your way through menopause and you will likely look and feel all the better for it!

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Contributors: Kim Farmer and Lisa Camp of Mile High Fitness.  Mile High Fitness offers in-home personal training and corporate fitness solutions.  Visit  www.milehighfitness.com or email inquires@milehighfitness.com

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2 thoughts on “Exercise Helps Relieve Menopause Symptoms”

  1. I love the fact that you suggest natural ways for us to find, to relieve the symptoms. Mainly exercise.
    Nothing is worse than toxic chemicals in our body. Or not being able to get them out.
    There are many ways, as you suggest to help with symptoms, especially hot flashes.
    I started writing for a Nutriceutical company, and learned that indeed natural remedies are available. I read about Black Cohosh and Ashwaganda roots, which are herbs and plants, and that they were used by ancient cultures.
    Since I was experiencing menopause symptoms, I was glad
    they gave me a supplement to try, called MEGAPAUSE. It had the natural ingredients I mentioned . There are several like it on the market, and worth trying, in addition to having a lifestyle of eating whole foods, eliminating sugar and processed foods and moderate exercise.

    I will put a reference link below to the Megapause supplement, to see the ingredients.

    Hope this helps.

    Sara Lynn

  2. Thanks Sara Lynn for your insight and we would welcome articles about natural remedies if you would like to contribute?

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