Get Out And Enjoy The Outdoors

Get Out And Enjoy The Outdoors

There is nothing better than taking a deep breath and filling your lungs with fresh air.  So why would you head to the gym, with all of those sweaty bodies and the canned air when you could be in the great outdoors with all of the wonderful natural sights and fresh air?  It is time to take advantage of the nice weather and move your workout outdoors!

No equipment? No problem!  You don’t need gym equipment to get a great workout. Substitute the stationary bike for a road bike, or even a mountain bike and hit a local trail. Even a ride through the neighborhood works and gives you the chance to see what is blooming.  Instead of a stair stepper, head to the local school to run the bleachers, or find a staircase at a local park. Other options include hiking a local trail, joining a team sport league, playing tennis on the local courts or running through your neighborhood.  And don’t forget swimming! Even if you are not a proficient swimmer, you can walk or run in the shallow water. The resistance of the water gives you a great workout. Check for local road races and obstacle course races (you can walk or run them). There are plenty to choose from!

Even your weight training routine can be moved outdoors. Body weight exercises are a great way in incorporate resistance training with no equipment. Push-ups can be done anywhere, including off a fence or park bench. Mix-up your push-ups by placing one hand on a curb for offset push-ups. Curbs or park benches are also great for dips. Squats can be done anywhere, but can also be ramped up by placing one leg on a curb. You can head to a park for pull-up or inverted sit-ups.  For a minimal cost, you can purchase a set of resistance bands, which are like heavy duty rubber bands, and can be used in place of weights for most resistance exercises.

Outdoor exercise has mental health benefits as well, and has been shown to lower stress. Other benefits include less sickness resulting from the germs hanging out in gyms.

There is no time like the present to move outdoors. Summer does not last forever!



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