Virtual Group Nutrition Coaching-Support, Guidance and Accountability

1. Virtual coaching assures you a greater level of success than doing things alone because you will be connected with your ideal coach. We have found and studies confirm that clients who create their ideal client/coach relationship accomplish their desired results almost every time, and clients that do not create the ideal client/coach relationship are much less successful.

2. Virtual coaching is much less costly than face to face coaching. Virtual coaching has proven to cost approximately 60% less than face-to-face coaching. You will not have to pay for the travel expenses for your coach or yourself and you will pay lower coaching fees and use less of your time during the sessions, because virtual coaching requires less time than face to face coaching.

3. Virtual coaching is very convenient. It is much easier to schedule sessions when
there is no travel or preparation time, and you are in the comfort of your own home.

What is included in the virtual sessions?

Our coach will be able to help you modify your current nutrition plan to help you meet your goals in a group setting.
Personalized strategy session to discuss your specific goals and how we can help.
Personalized Macro System based on your goals, health history and lifestyle
Positive accountability via our client portal every other week to track your progress and ask/answer questions
Access to online customized food journal to track your specific nutrition and progress
Ability to upgrade and to order lab tests if needed

Includes monthly group zoom sessions to ask questions and get support with:

-Metabolic health
-Cooking / meal planning
-Life balance and stress relief strategies
-Common barriers to behavior change
-Nutritional practices that stick
-Set and Accomplish Goals
-Explore New Foods
-Understand and Reduce Cravings
-Increased Energy
-Help with Smoking Cessation
-Sleep Health
-Time Management

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