How Exercise Benefits Your Whole Body

How Exercise Benefits Your Whole Body

Working out at a gym or running outside helps people lose weight, build muscles and decrease stress. The American Heart Association recommends that people exercise at least 150 minutes per week to achieve optimal health benefits. Not only do regular exercisers release endorphins that help them feel great, but they also experience countless benefits. These good surprises from exercise will offer benefits to your whole body.

Brain Function

Your brain function improves immediately after you exercise. According to Brain HQ, exercise stimulates the heart rate and pushes more oxygen to the brain, which causes growth in important neural connections. This creates an optimal environment to help cells grow and causes a simultaneous drop in stress hormones. It is such a great bonus to not only help your physical strength but to increase brain development at any age.

Heart Health

A regular exercise regimen can also offer benefits to your heart. A sedentary lifestyle can drive up your risk for cardiovascular disease, but by engaging in aerobic activity, your heart rate can increase and supply more blood to your muscles. As a result, your blood pressure may decrease and your resting heart rate may lower. Over time you can work out for longer periods as your cardiovascular conditioning improves.

Eye Health

Many people think about exercise\’s influence on the heart and brain, but the eyes also benefit from physical activity. Web MD suggests that exercise can decrease macular degeneration in eyes, which is caused by aging. Regular exercisers also may decrease their risk of glaucoma and have an opportunity to give their eyes a break from a computer screen. To maximize your exercise routine and reduce injury to your eyes, wear contacts from a retailer like VisionDirect instead of glasses; doing so will expand your field of vision and eliminate the distractions that come from exercising with glasses on.

Bone Density

As you exercise, you may feel a little bounce in your step and increased flexibility in your muscles and joints. When our bodies start to age, the risk of osteoporosis is a reality, but if you spend time taking group fitness classes that focus on strength training, you are likely building healthy bone mass that will help maintain your bone density.

Consistency is key. Consider pairing up with a work colleague or friend and make a date to work out in the evenings if you are intimidated by the training equipment at the gym. The added benefit of working out with a partner is that you become more accountable—not just to a workout for your own benefit, but also for your partner\’s.

With a regular physical routine in place, you will notice a boost in your metabolism, an improvement in your hormonal profile, and a more upbeat attitude. To maximize these benefits adopt a diet rich in fresh produce, hormone-free meats, and low sugar consumption. By focusing on an approach that targets aerobic exercise, strength training, and flexibility, you will notice how individual parts of your body function better over time.

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