Mom-Approved Workout Gear to Help You Shed the Baby Weight

Mom-Approved Workout Gear to Help You Shed the Baby Weight

Struggling to shed those pesky pounds and leftover baby weight? Get back on track with exercise. According to the Mayo Clinic, in addition to weight loss, participating in a regular post-baby exercise routine can boost your energy levels, improve your mood, restore your muscle tone and strength and relieve stress. Exercise can even help to prevent postpartum depression.

When you’re caring for a new baby, it might feel challenging to make time to exercise, but it doesn’t have to be. One way to spend time with your baby and get in a good workout is to bring baby along. Ready to get started? Here’s a roundup of the best mommy-friendly workout gear to help you bounce back after baby:

Jogging with Strollers

Mothers who are ready to lace up their running shoes again can hit the pavement with a jogging stroller. Baby Center’s 2015 Moms’ Picks lists a handful of mom-approved jogging strollers, scored on sturdiness, steering and storage space. The top-rated stroller this year is the BOB Revolution — its adjustable suspension system, front wheel swivels, padded reclining seat with five-point harness, and its peekaboo window made it the No. 1 pick.

For cool morning jogs, mommies can outfit baby in a stroller blanket from SwaddleDesigns for the ultimate ease and comfort. This way, baby is snug and cozy for the whole ride, and there\’s no need to adjust baby’s swaddle or pick up straggling blankies as you jog.

Remember: It’s important to listen to your body when getting back into a routine. Stretch before your jog and try not to push yourself too hard at first. When you’re finished, cool down with some stretching and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

At-Home Yoga

Yoga touts dozens of healthful benefits for both mama and babe. Certain yoga poses can help remedy some of the discomforts and pain that come after pregnancy. According to Yoga Journal, specific yoga poses for baby can help to relieve an upset stomach and unrelenting crying.

Yoga is a great exercise that new mommies can do in the comfort of their own home, and it doesn’t take a lot of gear to get started. A nontoxic yoga mat, like the Prana E.C.O., is all you will need, and the slow, gentle poses will be therapeutic on your achy back and muscles.

Bababoogie with Baby

Specially made for moms, the Bababoogie DVD is a great exercise program for mom and baby out of the U.K. Great for mothers who are weary of leaving baby behind, Bababoogie uses body weight exercises to slim and tone and can be done safely with baby in a harness. The DVD includes gentle moves that are designed to stretch out moms\’ muscles, and there’s a second workout that\’s more advanced.

The 20-minute workout is recommend for moms whose babies are six weeks and up. The DVD doesn’t come with a baby carrier, but moms can purchase one from trusted sites like

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3 thoughts on “Mom-Approved Workout Gear to Help You Shed the Baby Weight”

  1. Running with baby in a jog stroller is a great activity for both mom and baby! It allowed me to get my work out in and my daughter seemed to really enjoy the fresh air and the ‘ride’. Be sure to get a stroller that is designed for running so baby is sure to be safe.

  2. Invest in a good jog stroller and bring baby with you for your run workout! This definitely saved my sanity when there was no other time to get a workout in.

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