Obesity and math performance, there seems to be a link

Obesity and math performance, there seems to be a link

\"OLYMPUSWe all know how important it is that our kids eat healthy, move every day, and start the day with a healthy breakfast to stay focused in school.  We also know, the seemingly millions of reasons that obesity is bad for children (and all of us).  We found an article regarding children, obesity and school performance and were astounded by what was revealed.  This article is from last summer, but WOW, researchers in Missouri found that obesity in children affects math performance!  It’s amazing to see the reach poor physical and nutritional health can have for all of us, including children.  It makes one wonder, if obesity has an effect on math scores, what other negative academic effects can it have for our children?

Today’s question:  Do you see a direct correlation between your child’s academic performance and how much activity they are getting and what they are eating?

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