One week down, 51 to go…tips for staying on track

One week down, 51 to go…tips for staying on track

\"\"One week into your new year, how are you doing with your food/nutrition goals?  It\’s SO easy to get off track, and fast and we\’ve all been there.  If food is your challenge, temptations abound.  If moving is your challenge, we know how hard it can be to make yourself get up and go.  Sometimes you have to take this journey a day at a time, or an hour at a time, or a minute, a time, even a second, bite, or step at a time.  There are moments in which it makes sense to look at the big picture and others when it makes sense to focus on your very next move.  We know you can do this, you just have to keep reminding yourself of that again, and again.  Here are 15  easy-to-do changes that may help dropping those pounds and moving your body more – a bit easier.  Comment and tell us what you\’ve committed to and how it\’s going so far!

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