Parent eating habits can affect obesity in children

Parent eating habits can affect obesity in children

\"familyWe found this pretty fascinating! As if mom\’s didn\’t have enough to focus on already! Here\’s a study from WSU that indicates another way in which mother\’s have a strong impact on their children\’s habits and choices.  Mom\’s eating habits and dinner table behavior can influence your child\’s risk of obesity according to new research from Washington State University. \”…moms who eat when they are already full and also show a high level of control when feeding their kids — for example, by pushing children to finish what\’s on their plate or withholding food until the next meal — tend to produce picky eaters\”; and \”moms who eat in response to their emotions or who are easily tempted by the sight, scent or taste of food had children with a strong desire to eat.\” We found it interesting that the dad\’s, at least according to the article, don\’t appear to factor into this equation.  Click here to read the full article. Powerful information!
What do you think?
How are meals conducted in your home?
Are you aware of your (or your spouse\’s) food/eating habits at the dinner table?

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