The Most Extreme Workouts in the World

The Most Extreme Workouts in the World

If 30 minutes on a treadmill and some light weightlifting sounds like a walk in the park, it\’s time to move on to a harder challenge. Become a part of the 20 percent who get the recommended amount of both aerobic physical and muscle-strengthening activity by revving up your fitness plan with an adrenaline-filled workout. These extreme workouts won\’t give you a good body, they\’ll give you a great one. Step up to the plate and push your body to its limit with one of the world\’s hardest workouts.

Marathon Training

Training for a marathon requires more than just a sturdy pair of running shoes. It is one of the most extreme workouts in the world because it requires running at least 50 miles per week, says Made Man. This training also includes sprinting, jumping and weight training. Additionally, it\’s not uncommon for marathon trainers to work out seven days a week, two hours a day. This workout is ideal for a dedicated runner wanting to up the stakes.

ATV Riding

York University found that ATV riding is intense enough to produce changes in aerobic fitness. The upper body, in particular, is positively affected and enhanced by this activity. The study also found that the effects of off-road vehicle riding are similar to the ones created by rock climbing and alpine skiing. Researchers at the Smart Aging International Research Center found that riding has positive mental health benefits, too.

Furthermore, ATV riding sessions are longer than other traditional workouts with rides typically lasting up to 3 hours. While that may mean more money on gas and replacement parts, it is certainly worth the cost. This extreme workout is perfect for those who are looking for a unique way to quickly build up upper body muscle.


This fitness regimen developed by Greg Glassman includes constantly varied movements at a high intensity. The Filthy 50 is the most well-known CrossFit workout and involves 50 reps of 10 different exercises. The Murph has standard exercises, but the high quantity of pull-ups, push-ups, and squats makes this workout one of the toughest. The King Kong is a faster workout but one that requires enough strength to lift 455 pounds. CrossFit workouts are great for people looking to tone all areas of the body.

Navy SEAL Fitness Test

The physical fitness test created for the Navy SEALS training program BUD/S is one of the hardest workouts an individual will ever have to endure. The test begins with a 12 minute 500 yard swim, then 50 push-ups in two minutes, 50 sit-ups in two minutes, a minimum of eight consecutive pull-ups and a 1 and a half mile run in under 11 minutes and 30 seconds. Of course, these numbers are the minimum. To be competitive a person needs to complete the 500 yard swim in 8 to 9 minutes, 100 push-ups in two minutes, 100 sit-ups in two minutes, 15 to 20 pull-ups and a 1 and a half mile run completed in 9 to 10 minutes.

MMA Wrestling

Mixed martial arts wrestlers are recognized for their superior physical strength and mental alertness. MMA Wrestling is one of the most extreme workouts because it requires full-body strength, incredible stamina and speed, says Ask Men. Not only is a match quite a workout, but the training itself isn\’t for the faint of heart. According to Men\’s Fitness, WEC fighter Jens Pulver\’s typical workout consists of sprints, push-ups, jumping jacks, bench dips, burpees, mountain climbers, plank jacks, squats, rollouts, band pulls and pull-ups. Even the most experienced athlete will find this extensive list difficult.

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