The Men\’s Health Challenge

The Men\’s Health Challenge

The Men’s Health Challenge: UK Politicians show off their new and improved bodies

Politics can be a jungle and while we don’t necessarily agree with our public servants all the time, we can all admire those who take the time to get fit. As President Barrack Obama once said, exercise is the best way for the mind and body to have harmony so it’s very refreshing to see leaders shape up in order to be able to lead well.\"ONE-USE-ONLY-MPs-in-Mens-Health\"

This year, Men\’s Health Magazine organized a weight-losing contest that involved 3 UK-based politicians from different parties. It was done in order to help the men become better leaders in case they win in next month’s General Elections. So, who shed the most weight among the Conservative’s Dan Poulter, Liberal Democrats’ Tom Brake, and Labour’s Gavin Shuker? Check out the results below.

Dan Poulter

Dan Poulter is both a licensed doctor and the Undersecretary of State for Health Services, giving him the upper hand in the contest. However, despite working in the health field for many years, he admits that he struggles to stay in shape.

\”I have an erratic diary, working 15-hour days, so it does require real dedication to get gym sessions in,\” Poulter says.

When the challenge ended, he managed to lose 2.5 kilos and slashed about 2 inches off his waist. Not a bad achievement considering his hectic schedule, but possibly not that impressive in Men’s Health standards.

Tom Brake

Tom Brake
runs regularly, perhaps every morning, so the idea of losing weight isn’t entirely new to him. The problem, however, is that he thinks going to the gym is a rubbish and running alone can achieve the same results. Daniel Marshall, who spearheaded Men\’s Health\’s contest, was disappointed, but not entirely surprised, that Brake only managed to lose about 1 kilogram.

Gavin Shuker

Can Labour’s Gavin Shuker teach the health professional and regular jogger a thing or two about the proper way of losing weight? Perhaps he can since he did his research very well.

Gavin Shuker was a man who never did any exercise since he was a kid. However, that changed when he took up Men’s Health challenge. Apart from exercising in the gym, he stopped eating junk and ate oatmeal for breakfast during the contest’s duration. As a result, he lost a whopping 10 kilograms and even shortened his waist from 44 inches to 37.

The Labour Party is victorious! It may not be in the General Elections but at least Shuker and his party members will have something to be proud of. Losing weight is no easy task, after all, especially from someone who didn’t have the experience.

More details about the contest will be revealed on the May issue of Men’s Health.

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