Tips for a hot weather workout

Tips for a hot weather workout

\"hotWhew, it\’s HOT out there!  When working out in hot weather, here are some great tips to follow:

*Acclimatize at low intensity by starting your workouts at low intensity (and temperature) a few weeks before the mercury rises.  Once it gets really hot, you\’ll be in a much better place to handle the heat.

*Hydrate often and BEFORE you begin to feel thirsty!  Keep replacing those fluids as you work out.  Don\’t forget electrolytes (two hours before your workout) and after.

*Stay cool by using ice bags and taking a cold shower or ice bath before you work out to delay a rise in body temperature.

*Get going early in the day for your workout.  Pre-dawn exercising will help you beat the worst heat of the day.  Don\’t forget to breathe before and during your work out so your blood can do it\’s work to help get to the surface of your skin and keep you cool.

*Don\’t forget the sunscreen!!  Don\’t apply it so thick that it blocks your pores though.


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