Top Ten Tips for Winter Fitness

Top Ten Tips for Winter Fitness

Top Ten Tips for Winter Fitness

When the snow starts to fall, one of the last things most people want to do is strap on their running shoes and go out for a jog. But not only is it important to maintain an exercise routine year-round, but winter offers all kinds of benefits for exercising in the cold! Here are nine tips to get you moving and feeling good!


1. Start Running!

Outdoor workouts don’t have to stop because it’s snowing. The snow can improve your exercise results. Thirty minutes of walking at a moderate speed on an even surface will burn approximately 100 calories for a woman who weighs 140 pounds, but this is doubled in the snow. Yes, working out in the snow can double the amount of calories you kill! However, take it slow with shorter strides to avoid getting painful muscles from straining to maintain your footing.

2. Set a Goal

One of the best ways to stay motivated to exercise during the colder months is to set a goal for yourself. It can be training for an event, losing some weight or working towards a toner summer body. If you need a bit of a push, consider working out with a friend or personal trainer to keep you on track.

3. Embrace Indoor Yoga

Even if you don’t do yoga, now could be a good time to start. It’s an uplifting exercise for both body and soul you can do indoors when the cold outside zaps your motivation. Plus, it can be extra powerful when combined with meditation, especially if you suffer from seasonal depression.

4. Head to the Indoor Pool

If you’re passionate about swimming, don’t let the cold air outside prevent you from completing your morning laps. Head to an indoor pool if you can to make it feel like less of a burden. But winter can be a great time to try new things in the water, such as a new training set or training aids to stay motivated.

5. Try Fun Winter Sports

Shake up your regular exercise routine by making the most of sports and exercises you can do in the winter weather. Try snowboarding, skiing or ice skating to refresh and revitalize your workouts. Snowshoeing is all a must-try in winter if you want to do something different while getting a really intense workout. You gain cardio benefits while moving through snow creates resistance.

6. Warm Up Inside

It can be easier to exercise outside if you have first increased your body temperature indoors with a warm-up exercise. This will definitely help you maintain your workout once you head outdoors.

7. Pack Your Car for a Hot Workout

Carry some exercise supplies in your car so that you’ll be reminded to do your daily workout wherever you are! Items could include your exercise clothes, yoga mat, skipping rope, bottled water and small weights. When you see how beautiful the fresh day is outside, you’ll have your stuff right there to make the most of it.

8. Dress the Part

Dress so that your core and extremities are kept warm, but choose clothing that allows you to breathe, and resist the temptation to overdress. If you sweat too much from being covered up, it can make your body even colder. Dressing well for winter workouts can help you stay focused on your exercise goals without getting put off by the cold.

9. Drink up!

Just because it’s not hot outside, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t drink water. You don’t want to risk getting dehydrated so make sure you carry a bottle of water with you. Drinking water also boosts your metabolism. A study found that people who drank eight or more glasses of water every day burned more calories than people who drank half the amount.

Just because it’s cold outside, it doesn’t mean your fitness has to be put on ice. With the above tips, you can maintain your toned and healthy body, and find the fun side of winter workouts.


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