4 Principles for Creating a Wellness Program

4 Principles for Creating a Wellness Program

4 Principles for Creating a Wellness Program

Engaging employees in internal programs is a major challenge for more employers. For wellness programs to be effective the majority of workers have to participate. Some of the ways to create a successful wellness program include the following:

1. The program should be free or low cost. The first thing all employers should do is not charge the employee a large fee for participation; charging a moderate to high fee not only discourages participation but it lets the employee know that the employer is thinking about business only. When there is no fee charged (or a low fee), it tells the employee that the employer is interested in his or her welfare.

2. Secondly the wellness program should be convenient. Making a choice to remain healthy should be an easy. The majority of people do not want to come across more hassles at work. The wellness program should be easy with no cumbersome hurdles to climb, easy access and fun.

3. Provide incentives for participation. Many employees may not like to participate in wellness programs even if it is free. One of the best ways to get them started is to offer some type of incentive. The incentive does not always have to be monetary but can be educational, offering free screening tests for high blood pressure, diabetes, or blood cholesterol. This can be taken one step further by offering bonuses, money, gift cards, paid time off and reduction in health premiums.

4. Get feedback. A great way to know if your wellness program is helping the employees is to get some type of feedback on a regular basis. Employees may even make suggestions to make the program better. With the feedback one can improve on the negatives and the make the positives stronger

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4 thoughts on “4 Principles for Creating a Wellness Program”

  1. Also we should work upon the components to design a wellness program at workplace that target the needs and interests of the employees. As each program will vary based on organizational needs and available resources there. The wellness program may vary from a very simple program to an detailed multi-phase program.

  2. This is a great post. Thank youThe Evexia customizable health and wellness portal is a one-stop solution for individuals and employers, that enables complete management of all workforce and member health & wellness programs and resources.

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