5 Health & Wellness Tips for the Holidays From Mile High Fitness

5 Health & Wellness Tips for the Holidays From Mile High Fitness

You’ve made a resolution to get into shape this New Year, but first you have to contend with the temptations of the holidays. Achieving excellent health and wellness during this season isn’t stressful if you know how to manage your nutrition and exercise. Mile High Fitness in Denver, CO, provides fitness training and nutrition consulting during the holidays to help you balance discipline with indulgence. The fitness trainers offer these five tips for holiday health and wellness:


  • Pace Your Meals & Manage Your Portions: Snack before parties to reduce the urge to overeat later. Eat slowly and savor the food so that you are not hungry. Refrain from skipping meals. Ration out your portions on a plate or in a cup to put a stop to overindulgent eating.
  • Make Careful Food Choices: Choose foods that you truly enjoy, and eat them in moderation. Be aware of the food you eat – do you actually enjoy it, or are you eating it because it’s on the table? Limit your intake of red meats and processed carbohydrates.
  • Choose Low-Calorie Beverages: Replace sugared and alcoholic drinks with water. If that is too challenging, drink them in moderation.
  • Focus On Weight Maintenance: With all the temptations of the holidays, it may be difficult to lose weight. Maintaining your weight is more realistic.
  • Exercise Regularly: To offset the added calories, exercise on a daily basis. Mile High’s Zumba, yoga, Pilates, camps, and senior and corporate fitness classes are all great options. Also, try sport-specific training. Hiring a fitness trainer to design an exercise and nutrition plan aligned with your lifestyle is also an excellent choice.

Get fitness training, corporate fitness, exercise classes, and nutrition counseling to complement your healthy nutrition choices.  Denver’s most comprehensive, innovative, mobile, and fun fitness group can come to wherever you need them to be.

It is invigorating and motivating to take control of your health and wellness these holidays. Call Mile High Fitness in Denver at (720) 436-3899 or visit them  online to get started.

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