Adding vegetarian meals to your menu – a great idea

Adding vegetarian meals to your menu – a great idea

\"tortilla_lasagna_2-458x326\"Have you considered a vegetarian diet?  May of us have long been brought up on a \”meat and potatoes\” diet.  Dinner usually consists of a meat, a starch, and MAYBE a vegetable (often more than one starch).  Of course we aren\’t suggesting you quit cold-turkey and become veggie loving non-carnivores today; however, we are encouraging you to give it a try!  By replacing just one dinner meal per week with a vegetarian option, you can start down the path toward cleaner eating!  If you and your family like the vegetarian option, you can add more nights as you want!  There are lots of websites out there.  A quick internet search will yield, more places than you can imagine with vegetarian recipes for all meals of the day.  You can substitute items in recipes if you want, just make sure you are choosing an equal (and vegetarian) substitute.  Give it a try!  Be sure to come back and comment and let us know how it goes!  Here\’s a fun tortilla lasagna recipe to get you started!

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