Participation in Corporate Wellness Programs

Participation in Corporate Wellness Programs

Participation in wellness programs is a two way street- there are both short and long term benefits for both the employee and employer. The key reason to start a corporate wellness program is because the employer wants happy, healthy and productive workers. For the worker, the wellness programs allow him or her to remain healthy both physically and emotionally, and be satisfied with the company.

Many surveys have been done indicating that when employees participate in wellness programs they develop greater satisfaction with the type of activities offered, the employees’ works harder, become more productive and perceive themselves to be healthier. More important, the corporate wellness program also creates a positive bond and better attitude towards the employer.

Other surveys reveal that employees who participate in wellness programs are more likely to remain with the company and in fact even refer their friends to come and work for the same company. The overall conclusion of most surveys reveals that employees who participate in wellness programs believe that it contributes to their wellness, fitness and health. The employees also state that companies who initiate wellness programs are concerned about their long-term welfare.

However, participation in a wellness program is not a one shot deal but does require planning and commitment. If the wellness program is to have health benefits than everyone in the company has to be actively involved into the activity. The mission of a corporate wellness program is to motivate employees to participate in some form of activity that keeps them physically and emotionally healthy.

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