Children & sugar – ten tips for cutting back

Children & sugar – ten tips for cutting back

\"\"Sugar, it\’s \”oh-so-good\” and tempting and these days it seems to be in everything we eat!  We know that too much sugar, especially processed sugar isn\’t good for anyone.   With the increase of processed foods and convenience foods and our ever-busy lifestyles, it\’s really easy to get too much sugar in a day.  Teaching children how to recognize and make good food choices and avoid processed and \”unnecessary\” sugar, we can go a long way toward setting them up for future success with food.   Here are ten tips on how to cut back on the sugar with children.  What kind of healthy fun foods and snacks do you provide for your kids or the kids in your life?  Tell us, we\’re always looking for great snacks ideas that are fun and healthy and can help satisfy a sweet tooth!  If we can teach them these great healthy habits while they are young, we are setting them up for a much healthier lifestyle as adults.



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