The Right Time of Day to Work Out

The Right Time of Day to Work Out

Everybody is different, even when it comes to the best time of day to schedule your fitness routine.  Does the idea of getting up before the sun to exercise send you back under the covers? Maybe the thought of going to a spin class after a long day of work sounds daunting. You don’t have to be a morning person to reap the benefits of fitness, but having a routine and sticking to a schedule, whatever time of day that is, will set you up for success.

Morning exercisers typically have an easier time waking, and enjoy the feeling of having their workout completed before starting the work day. Taking a deep breath and feeling that sense of accomplishment post workout can help fuel your day. An advantage to the morning-workout philosophy is that by completing your fitness activity early, you won’t have to worry about something coming up and getting in the way of your workout later in the day.

For those who need a little extra sleep in the morning hours, or find they just don’t function well right after getting out of bed, an evening routine might work best.  For some, energy levels are higher at this time of the day and you can work off any stress from the office, putting your energy to good use. Be careful of the last minute invite to happy hour, or the end of the day request from your boss or co-worker.  Treat your scheduled workout time as you would any other important task in your day so that you don’t find yourself slacking.

An often overlooked time of day to break a sweat is the lunch hour.  If you are lucky enough to have a gym (or at least a shower) at your place of employment, you can incorporate exercise into the mid-day and brown bag your lunch to have at your desk post-workout.  An advantage of this time frame is that getting your blood flowing in the middle of the day might help you avoid the late afternoon slump felt by many.

Truth is, whatever time of day you can fit in some exercise, and do it consistently, is the right time for you.

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