Top 4 Accessories for Biking Enthusiasts

Top 4 Accessories for Biking Enthusiasts

Ah, it’s great to be a cyclist. Whether you\’re commuting, taking part in triathlons, or just riding for fun, cycling can keep you in good health.

Choosing accessories that won\’t break the bank for any sport is half the fun. Fitness gadgets are all the rage. Here are five new accessories for the bike fanatic:

Smartphone Bicycle Mount

When you’re riding, you may store your smartphone in your pocket or in a bag or pouch attached to your bike frame. A smartphone bicycle mount attaches to the handlebars and most adapt to any brand. Zippered, waterproof cases are available. These mounts can be equipped with a bungee strap which wraps around the mount for extra security.

You can follow a route mapped out by GPS. You don’t have to hold the phone to take a call. You can answer calls or texts via Bluetooth or speakerphone. You can check how far you have traveled or how long you have been riding, all in real-time. There are many useful features with this gadget. Depending on the type of mount you choose, other features may be included.

Bicycle Eyewear

The wind in your hair, the sun in your eyes—you might want to nix that part about the sun in your eyes and purchase a quality pair of sunglasses.

It\’s really important to your eye health to wear protective sunglasses when you\’re outdoors. Here’s why:

• The eyes are three times more prone to cataracts after they’re exposed to UV rays for long periods of time.

• When the eyes are unprotected, they can be exposed to keratitis or temporary blindness from an inflamed cornea, according to

• The sun’s heat can cause eyes to be more tired and dry, making them more susceptible to UV rays.

• Dust and debris can get in the eyes and besides blocking eyesight, can scratch the cornea.

Purchase sunglasses that provide 100 percent UV protection, or simply change out your lenses before a ride with replacements that offer full UV coverage. Even though bright colors are tempting, stick to brown or neutral gray to avoid color distortion.

Signal Gloves

You can never be too safe when it comes to riding at night, and these gloves ensure that you’re protected while cycling in the dark. LED lights are embedded right into the glove. Some of the styles even have an arrow on each glove to indicate which direction a rider is going. To signal, push the accessible button with your thumb for the direction you want to turn and the glove will flash.

Bike Lane Safety Light

The Bike Lane Safety Light, created by XFIRE, is a new innovation that can give you a sense of security while riding at night. The light projects a bike path with two exceptionally bright visible red LED laser lights, which makes an instant bike lane, even under streetlights. The light is weather proof and can be charged with a USB. This accessory is a must-have for any nighttime rider.


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