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How To Increase Your Metabolism

Ever wonder what you can do to increase your metabolism? Did you know there are foods that you can eat and drink to help boost your metabolism? Increasing your metabolism helps to burn more calories and raise your energy level. Read More @http://        

Exercise, Replacing Medication….Maybe

Only about a third of U.S. doctors prescribe exercise in primary care — but new British Medical Journalresearch may encourage them to add physical activity to their arsenal. Exercise may be as effective as medications in combating health problems that kill thousands of Americans each year, the analysis reveals. The researchers reviewed the findings of 16 meta-analyses, including 305 …

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Holiday Fitness – 10 Tips to Keep In Shape

Here\’s a list of great tips from various sources for staying fit during the holiday season!  Good luck and comment with your favorite suggestion! ————- Starting on Thanksgiving, a lot of us find our exercise regimen falling by the wayside. “Another slice of pie won’t hurt” can quickly snowball—and by January 1, we’re cursing ourselves …

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10 Tips for Managing Temptations During the Holidays

Yes, the holidays are definitely upon us and when you are trying to maintain a healthy diet, temptations certainly abound. Here are 10 tips for avoiding a weight-gain disaster and enjoying some treats too. Say No To Portion Distortion – With finger foods arranged appealingly everywhere, resist the urge to leave your hand in the snack …

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